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Moving from one shared flat to an other

I’m moving.
For the ones who had no clue:


These are the mot comon berlin people reactions:



So sad!

We will miss you!

Who’s going to babysitt our kids/helping out at the daycare when your help would be required?

  • I’m moving to Kiel, into the apartment of my best friends
  • because my heart nbelongs to the ocean and I’m at home where ever in Kiel I am
  • yes, I’m leaving Berlin happy and sad at the same time
  • You are welcome to visit me, if you miss me!
  • I’m already looking for babysitters and daycare assistence, it’s the hardest to leave the kids behind.

On the other hand there is the reaction of the people in Kiel:

Oh how awesome is that!

A kid from the coast will always be a kid from the cost!

Finally you are back home!

I’m torn between joy and sorrow, but my heart will know what’s the right thing for me, I’m looking forward to life in Kiel and I’m looking forward to have guests in my new old town!

And by the way, who doesn’t like to life in such a beautiful city right at the oceans side?!?!

I still have a little bit of time left to spend in Berlin, before I’m moving back to my hoe town and I’m enjoying my Berlin time with people that are important to me!

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the weather where ever you are right now!

Your Julia, who’s in love with her homeland!


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