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Family trip – or past and present

In October we did a day trip to the outdoor museum Freilichtmuseum Molfsee, all together, the entire family. And of cause in the rain.

*deutsche Version*

It was still lovely tho!
All you need is watherproof clothes, for example a rain jeacket by PYUA.

At some point it stopped raining and we where able to finish our walk way more relaxed.

At the outdoor museum are lots of old apple trees, C. the boyfriend of my sister Hanna, was able to pick the perfect apple for me wih his super long arms. Exceptionally tasty these old apple varieties! But I had to eat it later, the apple was just way to cold!

Infront of the house with the wale skeletons we took some really nice family pictures, among others this one was taken:


We had a lovely day, even if the permanent exhebition foreigen home gave us an thought-provoking impulse, xenophobia is a thing we don’t do in my family. Why should you hate someone, who fears, who flees, who leaves his homeland because his life is in danger. The fear of death, fear of deadly terros is something most of us cant empath. Do you want to get closer to that, you can visit the exhibition and/or talk with someone who fled. Those are humens like you and me. (The exhebition is in German and English)

Still have a nice start to the week!

Warm greeting,
your Julia


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