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Almost Datestory VI

But only almost, I prevented myself.

*deutsche Version*

My date was supposed to be on the next Sunday, meeting and if I want to, sailing on a tiny lake with a dinghy. He was texting nice, constant, friendly nothing to complain about. At some poit we changed from the dation app to whatsapp. Then it happend. He changed his profile picture on whatsapp and it was seriously different than the picture he had on the dating app.

Way older, way more weight, long scuffy hair and an scuffy beard, biker jacket with an unreadable sign on it.

I asked him to clarify that and told him right away, that I really don’t like what I see.
He then called me I’m superficial, the other picture of him was only one year old, asking what my „problem“ is, …

I don’t want to date someone, who isn’t able to be true about his appearence, who’s instead lying about it. What’s coming up next, what is true what is false? I ask for honesty and up-to-datesness while online dating, new haircut? Update! Do I gain or lose weight I have to update that as soon, as it’s visual on pictures.

Honesty is the most important thing while online dating, is a guy dishonest I’m done dating him.

I hope the next one is again one to grin *blink*

Lovely greetings finally from my own appartment,

 *The original article was published on August 17th, 2016*

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