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Online dating – why not?

Online dating is:*deutsche Version*

  • impersonally
  • only for quick hoock-up
  • only for ugly and unattractive people
  • limited to young people

There are so many preconceptions! And of cause they’re based on something.

But what about the benefits?

Online dating is:

  • quick
  • obvious who is looking for what
  • it’s your own descision who you’re having personal conversations with
  • way bigger pool of people to choose from
  • the inhibition level is way lower

So why:

  • is online dating so taboo
  • do people hide that they’re online dating?
  • do people feel ashamed talking about it?

People who online date, do actually meet other people in real life after chatting for a while and figuring out if it might fit. The majority is interested in real life, phsyical and mental relationships. Those are not online freaks that just don’t got someone. Those are just regular people that can’t find the perfect match in their social surrounding.

I am the perfect example:

I don’t like going to parties, it’s just always way too loud and if go anyways, I’m going with friends and enjoy quality time with my friends and share the night with them.

I am a student of educational studies and I can tell you, it’s still the same. Almost zero male students.

I’m a helper at a day care who get’s called in if they need me and a babysitter, there I get to know lovely parents and kids. But as I said in Datestory (english version will be there soon!), dating a dad is not an option for me.

All on my own going into a Café, hoping that THE ONE stops by and starts talking to me is not my stile. Even if it works in movies, I don’t think it’s realistic.


I like online dating. Some important framework conditions are set right from the beginning:

  • relationship status
  • age
  • look
  • still living at parents place or not any more
  • smoker or non-smoker
  • place of residence
  • kids

That way I got rid of the job to ask for all these conditions and I can pick yes or no without hurting anyone. Those questions also always sound weird and help conversations to halt.

„Are you still living at your parents?“ – „Ah, well, I don’t want to meet you for a first date, I don’t date guys that life at home, bye.“

„Are you single or in a relationship or what does your status looks like?“ – „Ah, ok, an open relationship… I’ll stay out of there, good luck with your quest.“

This is not what I enjoy doing, I want it to be successful and quick not killing time without results.

Dear singles out there go online dating, the pool can only get bigger, get more colorful, get more successful and improve!


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